3 Things You Won’t Get with Mail Order Orthodontics

Here at About Faces and Braces, we know that we live more and more of our lives online each day. Given the widespread adoption of online shopping for so many of our day-to-day interests and needs, it’s only natural that remote alternatives to traditional orthodontics have developed in recent years. While the convenience of no outside visits and the lure of potentially lower costs may have some appeal, you might end up biting off more than you can chew. Let’s take a minute to learn about mail-order orthodontic options and the downsides you won’t learn about on their websites.

What are mail-order orthodontics, and why do people try them? 

Generally, you’ll fill out an online questionnaire, send pictures of your or your child’s teeth, and then receive an impression kit. A few weeks later, a set of clear aligners will be delivered, and your unsupervised solo journey to straightening your teeth will begin. 

There are a few perfectly understandable reasons why people might be attracted to mail-order aligners. They figure that an online option is less expensive, or they’re afraid to see their local orthodontist. 

Another reason people might want to try online aligners is the perceived convenience of avoiding multiple visits. Bottom line? It seems quicker and cheaper. Unfortunately, you’ll never receive the same high degree of care with these options, and improper alignment could lead to much bigger costs down the line. 

Why should you stick to in-person treatment? 

While these options may seem attractive at first, there are plenty of reasons to stick with professionals like Dr. Candice and Dr. Shawn at About Faces and Braces when it’s time to straighten your teeth. 

3 Things You Won't Get with Mail Order OrthodonticsIn-person consultation 

Unlike online offerings, in-person orthodontic care includes personalized visitation with a trained specialist. While it may seem intimidating, Dr. Shawn will quickly put you at ease while providing an individual approach to your orthodontic process that will ensure a great-looking and healthy smile! 

At the end of the day, an online option will never be able to offer the level of care of a competent professional providing you with face-to-face care. Initial visits will provide a comprehensive look at your teeth and jaw, catching problems a cell phone photo and set of DIY impressions could easily miss.

Moment-to-moment updates 

It’s common to require minor adjustments to your initial plan during orthodontic treatment. Teeth may realign more or less quickly than initially anticipated, or underlying issues below the gumline may come to light and need to be addressed.

With periodic visits to the experts, you can be confident that you’re receiving precisely the type of care you need, something that simply isn’t available with anonymous online options. 

Full-spectrum care 

There are plenty of issues that online orthodontic replacements can’t handle. As much as we all love clear aligners like Invisalign, the more comprehensive care afforded by traditional braces is sometimes required.

Traditional braces are often required to deal with more advanced cases of malocclusion of the teeth and jaw misalignment. While an online service may claim that it can rule out cases its services can’t handle, the fact is that an anonymous remote plan is always going to be less effective at determining appropriate care. 

3 Things You Won't Get with Mail Order Orthodontics

Come see us at About Faces and Braces – don’t gamble with your smile! 

Here at About Faces and Braces, our doctors aren’t merely out to make a quick buck. They’re members of the community like you. We’ve grown our business to four great locations in and around Nashville by being dedicated to providing the absolute best care possible based on each patient’s needs. Whether it’s Clarksville in the Ft. Cambell or Rudolphtown regions, Springfield, or Nashville, you know that Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice see you as people, not numbers. 

We rely on long-term relationships with customers and care about our community. You plain won’t find service and involvement like that with online options. So give us a call, and schedule a free consultation today. We can’t wait to see you smile!