Which Orthodontic Treatment Should I Get?

At About Faces and Braces, our team looks forward to the opportunity to talk patients through their treatment options and discuss what we recommend they get. Beginning care can be stressful, so we are here to share what orthodontic care is, treatments that may work best for you, and what to consider when deciding.


Understanding Orthodontic Care

Orthodontists like Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice specialize in realigning your teeth and jaw to fix common complications such as crowding, bite issues, malocclusion, and protruding teeth. Their job is to help your smile shine and reach its perfect placement. We use treatments such as metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign, each working to shift your teeth to accomplish the same beautiful results. 

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends your first appointment with an orthodontist be at age seven. Not everyone needs treatment this early, but it allows our team the opportunity to monitor your teeth at an early age and spot any issues before they become severe while your jaw is still malleable. 

Why Pursue Teeth Alignment

Straightened teeth can give patients an incredible boost of confidence! Being happy with your smile holds power over your mental health, so it is essential to our team that you are satisfied with your grin and are eager to show it off to the world.

While having a realigned smile is a big reason why many patients pursue treatment, there are many health benefits to going through the process as well, including easier oral care maintenance as we eliminate hard-to-reach spots in your mouth, improved speech patterns, and smooth digestion thanks to more effective chewing and biting functions.


Which Orthodontic Treatment Should I Get?

Orthodontic Treatments Available

About Faces and Braces offers patients various treatment options for different lifestyles and orthodontic needs. During your free consultation, Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice will share with you their recommendation of what will work best towards your goals. 


Invisalign clear aligners are a popular and effective alternative that uses a series of clear trays. These subtle, custom-made trays are worn for 20-22 hours daily and switched out every other week as your teeth slowly begin shifting into position. Depending on your lifestyle, this removable appliance can provide more freedom as you don’t need to worry about food restrictions or extra care during everyday oral care.

Invisalign for teens has the additional feature of a blue dot that lets Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice know how often you have been wearing your Invisalign and helps us help you stay on schedule with wearing it for the prescribed amount of time.

Modern Metal Braces

Known for their effectiveness, metal braces have been around for years but remain a prevalent choice due to their dependability and increasingly comfortable design. Now smaller than ever, they are made up of brackets, wires, elastics, and other components that place constant slight pressure on your teeth to shift them over time. They are affixed to your teeth with special orthodontic glue and stay on throughout your treatment.

Metal braces are a budget-friendly option for patients, providing long-lasting results that will preserve your teeth for years. No matter how complex, you can rely on metal braces to reach your smile goals.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Made of ceramic, clear braces shift your teeth in the same way metal braces do but without the same prominent appearance. They are comprised of brackets and wires attached to the front surface of your teeth as slight pressure is placed on them to shift over time. These brackets are tooth-colored to blend in with your smile and provide a low profile in public. This appliance offers a comfortable feel inside your mouth, so you don’t have to worry about agitation due to friction against your lips, gums, and cheeks. 


What to Consider When Deciding on Treatment

Fixed Vs. Removable Appliances

Compliance with treatment is a big step in determining the efficiency of your care. For example, understanding the requirements of extra oral care steps for metal braces is essential in keeping your teeth in perfect condition throughout treatment. Invisalign, however, can offer more freedom but possibly be more of a time commitment depending on the schedule of each individual. During your free consultation, we encourage you to ask which will best accommodate your lifestyle

Average Treatment Length

A common question we get asked is how long treatment will take. Your time in treatment will vary depending on the appliance you choose, your smile goals, and your current oral health. On average, care takes around one to three years to complete. Some patients get done sooner than others if their case is milder than an adult’s average work. 

Your Budget and Insurance

Our team provides each patient with a complete breakdown of expected costs and shares the price differences between appliances to help give you a better idea of what will best fit your budget. While metal braces are known for their affordability, Invisalign and clear braces tend to be more expensive. 

About Faces and Braces proudly accepts many insurance providers in Tennessee. We will also go over financial options and help you along the process. Our team strives to keep our services affordable for the community and will happily work with you to make treatment possible.


Schedule Your Free Consultation

Our offices in Clarksville, Nashville – Bellevue, and Springfield provide our new patients with a free consultation to help you learn more about your orthodontic needs and what we can do to help you get started on your smile journey. 

During this time, Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice will conduct a physical examination of your teeth, take digital impressions, and capture x-rays to understand the current condition of your oral health and what we can do to reach your goals efficiently. This is also a great time for you to ask any lingering questions you may have.


Which Orthodontic Treatment Should I Get?

Start Your Smile Journey Today!

Now that you know more about our treatment options at About Faces and Braces, we hope you feel more confident about beginning your smile journey. If you want to learn more about your orthodontic needs, please schedule your free consultation with Dr. Shawn or Dr. Candice today. We can’t wait to meet you!