The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Running an orthodontic practice is no one-person job. At About Faces and Braces, our team of friendly, expertly-trained orthodontists and dental assistants all rely on each other to help our patients leave with the best experience possible. From the moment you walk in our doors, we want you to feel welcome and confident in your orthodontic journey to come. Now, let’s meet the team behind the magic of your straight smile! 


Meet Our Orthodontists!

First of all, what exactly is an orthodontist? 

An orthodontist is an oral healthcare provider specializing in the correction of teeth and jaw alignment. Common orthodontic services we provide at About Faces and Braces include metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and much more! Our goal is to help you feel more confident in your smile through high-quality treatment plans and expert care. 

Both of our orthodontists, Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice, are proud to be board-certified doctors, an achievement only 10% of orthodontists receive. By completing this meticulous testing process, they continued to hone their skills, dedicated to providing the best possible care for you! 

Dr. Shawn

Dr. Shawn Lehman-Grimes, or as his patients like to call him, Dr. Shawn has dedicated his professional life to the field of orthodontics. Born and raised in Tennessee, his interest in dentistry stemmed from an early age, surrounded by family involved in the field. He graduated from Emory University in Georgia and received his orthodontic training at the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry, additionally completing another three years of orthodontic residency. He bought the practice in 2005 after finishing his degrees, growing it tremendously over the past 18 years. 

Getting to genuinely know his patients and their families on a personal level is why he entered the field of orthodontics, enabling him to make a difference in their lives they’ll never forget! Nothing satisfies him more than to see a brand new smile on his patients’ faces and the significant impact it makes in their confidence and long-term happiness. 

An active figure in dental and orthodontic organizations, Dr. Shawn, has been involved with the 8th District Dental Society, Tennessee Association of Orthodontists, and more in various capacities, as well as holding a current Director role at the American Association of Orthodontists Insurance Company. 

Dr. Candice

Dr. Candice Coleman, known to our patients as Dr. Candice, is renowned for her wealth of experience and personalization of each and every person’s case. Inspired by her own orthodontist and dentist appointments growing up, she knew she wanted to go into the field since high school in order to give people smiles they are proud of! Born and raised in Seattle, she received her degree at Linfield College in Oregon and later graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry to receive both her Doctor of Dental Surgery as well as her Orthodontic Certificate and Master of Dental Science. 

Dr. Candice loves personally engaging with each family that walks in and wants patients to feel they received the best possible treatment. Making sure that she and her patients are on the same page and reaching their dental goals together is what makes her proud to be part of About Faces and Braces.

She has taken on many local and national leadership positions throughout her life, including membership in the American Association of Orthodontics, as well as class president of the American Student Dental Association. Dr. Candice additionally earned honors with numerous awards, including the Jack E. Wells Outstanding Young Dentist Award!


The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Our Team of Dental Assistants

Without the invaluable support of our experienced and knowledgeable registered dental assistants, Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice could not run the practice quite the same! Our team, made up of Annette, Brandy, Mahalia, Destiny, Jeannine, Chelsea, Katie, and Casey, each work together to provide the best orthodontic support for our patients at the About Faces and Braces offices. They do so much behind the scenes to ensure you have the best experience and provide the information for our orthodontists to decide on a personalized treatment plan for you.

What do they do?

They perform both administrative and clinical tasks in service to our patients in preparation for our orthodontists to see them. Some of the tasks they take care of include chairside assistance during procedures, helping schedule appointments, taking x-rays, maintaining patient records and treatment plans, and much more. Essentially, their job is to work closely with Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice by assisting however they may require and to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your visit.


What makes us different from other orthodontic practices?

At About Faces and Braces, we want you to feel like family and exceed your expectations of care! Each and every patient that comes to us with their orthodontic goals, you can rest assured that we will work with you on a personalized treatment plan and encourage you to get involved in the process, whether it be your own or your child’s. 

We believe no question is a silly one and look forward to answering anything that may come to mind during or after your visit, so that we are all on the same page. There will always be someone eager to help you out. Whether in person, via email or phone, you can contact us whenever something may arise.

We will help you every step of the way!

We understand your first visit to a new orthodontic office can be intimidating, especially as a kid. Every step of the way, we will make sure your dental goals are heard, discussing our entire process with you at each appointment so you can leave with the utmost confidence in our work. 


The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Start Your Orthodontic Journey with Us Today! 

Our team of skilled and dedicated staff at About Faces and Braces is committed to giving you a beautiful smile with the aid of our modern and up-to-date technologies. From our family to yours, we are honored to play a role in helping you achieve your dental goals. Visit us at one of our three Tennessee locations in Nashville-Bellevue, Clarksville, or Springfield for a free consultation today!