The Benefits of Two-Phase Treatment

If your child’s teeth aren’t growing appropriately, they might require two-phase treatment! What is it, and what can it do for your child? At About Braces & Faces, many parents and guardians don’t know about the benefits of two-phase treatment. We want to share some two-phase treatment love and knowledge!

The Power Of Two-Phase Treatment

Two-phase treatment is for children with cosmetic or health issues created by malocclusion or jaw misplacement. This program is used to treat many different types of misalignments. It is generally used for preventative care (preventing a problem that is showing signs of developing but has not begun), interceptive care (stopping an already developing issue), and growth guidance (helping the bones grow correctly to avoid future problems). Let’s check out summaries of the two phases of care!

Phase 1: Building A Strong Foundation

The first stage of treatment occurs when your child is younger and still has plenty of baby teeth. Using a fixed or removable appliance, Dr. Shawn or Dr. Candice will help your child create space for their incoming adult teeth.

Phase 2: Perfecting The Smile

The second phase usually occurs a few years later when your child has most or all of their adult teeth. We use phase two to treat jaw misalignments, such as an over- or underbite, and make final touch-ups to teeth placement.

If Dr. Shawn or Dr. Candice recommends a two-phase treatment, we suggest beginning as soon as instructed! Though most children will not need two-phase care, early assessment is critical to providing qualifiable children treatment before their condition worsens. As your child ages and their bones solidify, treatment becomes more complicated, costly, and time-consuming. Issues that are simple to fix in childhood might need invasive care in adulthood, such as pulling teeth, cosmetic surgery, corrective jaw surgery, or other treatments.

Unique Benefits Of Two-Phase Treatment

However, saving your family time and money is not the only advantage of two-phase treatment! There are many ways the treatment plan can help your child. Let’s look at some of them now.

Simplify Oral Hygiene

Children with malocclusions are more likely to have a more challenging time developing healthy, consistent oral hygiene routines and habits. This is because their irregularly spaced teeth create lots of nooks and crannies that are challenging to get to and clean thoroughly, allowing bacteria and plaque to build up. Over time, these germs will eat away at the enamel (the protective covering on the teeth) and leave your child unguarded from tooth decay, sensitivity, gum disease, and other oral health complications. 

Feeling motivated or excited about it can be challenging if your child feels frustrated because of their routine (either from difficulty performing it or constant oral health issues despite daily oral hygiene). 

Aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and simplify your child’s oral hygiene routine, helping them create good habits and improving their oral health for years to come!


What is two-phase treatment and how can it help your child? Many parents and guardians don’t know about the benefits of two-phase treatment.

Improve Breathing, Communication, And Eating Abilities

Did you know the upper and lower jaw have more responsibilities than just holding your teeth in place? It’s true! They’re also connected to your breathing, communication, and eating capabilities!

An improperly developed jaw can narrow your child’s air passageways and tongue posture, making it difficult for them to breathe and communicate effectively. Restricted airflow can force your child to breathe through their mouth, which increases their risk of dry mouth and tooth decay, or cause sleep disorders like sleep apnea, affecting their ability to get a good night’s sleep. Tongue posture, teeth placement, and jaw alignment can also determine if your child can speak without pain or a speech impediment.

This one might be obvious, but your child depends on their teeth and jaw to bite and chew! Malocclusion can increase your child’s risk of choking, indigestion, and vitamin deficiency (in severe cases). Like with oral hygiene, if your child experiences negative emotions or pain when eating, they will be less likely to develop healthy habits and get adequate nutrient intake.

Two-phase treatment can improve these three vital aspects of your child’s life!

Reduce Risk Of Mental And Physical Injury

Eating, breathing, and communicating are not the only ways orthodontic care can improve your child’s quality of life!

Children who suffer from malocclusions or poor oral health might smile, laugh, or talk less to avoid pain, showing their teeth, or spreading bad breath. They will also have a more challenging time making friends and, in the future, romantic and professional connections. Feeling different from your peers or being isolated because of your differences never feels good, and it can cause anxiety and depression in children! Furthermore, these children have an increased risk of oral injury due to protruding teeth or abnormal friction (bruxism) of the teeth.

Braces can reduce your child’s risk of oral trauma, minimize teeth grinding, and improve their self-image, leading to happier, healthier children.

What is two-phase treatment and how can it help your child? Many parents and guardians don’t know about the benefits of two-phase treatment.

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