Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist in Your Local Community

At About Faces and Braces, your oral healthcare is more than just a job for us. Safely, effectively, and efficiently straightening your teeth and jaw is the passion of our entire team. With the growth in direct-to-consumer services and dental providers offering orthodontic care, we would like to take a moment to share with you what sets in-person orthodontic treatment apart.

So Many Treatment Options for All Ages!

Not every person’s orthodontic needs or goals are identical. The road to achieving the desired look isn’t as easy as copying and pasting a treatment program from one patient to another. Many direct-to-consumer companies only offer one treatment option with limited room for personalization or adjustments, and what they offer might not be the best choice for you.

At About Faces and Braces, we proudly offer multiple treatment options for various ages. We offer 2-Phase treatment for younger patients and Invisalign, Invisalign for Teens, clear braces, and traditional metal braces. Each path has different pros and cons, and Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice will help you pick the one that will give you the best results.

Treatment Beyond Aesthetics and Cosmetics!

Some online or virtual orthodontic services are completely online — meaning you don’t see an in-person provider for the entirety of your treatment! Those companies solely rely on images and mold impressions you take from home to make decisions regarding your care. While that is pretty cool, and we do offer virtual appointments ourselves, we strongly encourage you to seek a provider that can see you in person at least once!

Reasons for beginning and the best way to proceed with orthodontic care go beyond the alignment of your teeth. Before any treatment can begin and during your treatment journey, your teeth need to be in good health! Attempting to move the teeth when they are unwell can cause more harm than good, including, but not limited to, bone and teeth loss!

An in-person team, such as the highly skilled professionals at About Faces and Braces, can look for potential complications in the teeth and jaw that might not be seen on images or molds you take from home. These thorough examinations before and during orthodontic care decrease overall treatment time and prevent unnecessary pain if issues like cavities are found and treated in advance. 

We care about your alignment and health at About Faces and Braces. Our in-person consultations and periodic checkups allow us to monitor both for a healthy, happy smile.

We Specialize in Orthodontic Care!

Did you know that an orthodontist is a specialized dental professional? It’s true! To become orthodontists, Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice had to become dentists first. Afterwards, they began their orthodontic training. 

However, not every dentist becomes an orthodontist, even if they offer orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists have more training, knowledge, and experience than dentists in teeth and jaw alignment, so they can provide you and your family with higher-quality orthodontic care. Orthodontic offices also typically offer more treatment options than dental practices because our only professional priority is improving teeth and jaw alignment. We don’t require equipment or tools for anything else, so you can be confident that the treatment program and care you receive is the ideal treatment program for you. 

This is not to dissuade you from seeing your dentist! Dentists are fantastic oral healthcare providers, and you should see one regularly. Dentists and orthodontists simply provide different oral healthcare services, and we strongly advise you to consider seeing an orthodontist for your orthodontic needs.

Budget-Friendly Treatment!

Many people are discouraged or intimidated from starting orthodontic treatment because they are worried about the cost associated with it. This is a completely valid concern! 

We want to remove that concern as much as we can! Providing our community with affordable, convenient, effective, and stress-free care is something we pride ourselves on at About Faces and Braces. Our financial coordinator will meet with you to have a 0-pressure discussion of costs and payment options before you begin treatment. Our team will also help you navigate the confusing and formidable insurance world to ensure you get all of your benefits applied before you get a single bill.

Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist in Your Local CommunityAbout Faces and Braces Offer Outstanding, Well-Rounded Care!

Would you like more information about the orthodontic world and the treatment options available? Do you want to get to know us better at About Faces and Braces before committing? We would love to answer all of your questions!

Our fantastic customer service combined with our seemingly never-ending wealth of information means we can give you unmatched care and a comfortable experience. Contact us at one of our four convenient locations to schedule a free consultation today to learn more about our services and how they can benefit you! 

We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you achieve your orthodontic dreams.