6 New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

‘Tis the season for reflection and resolutions. Like most people, you’ve probably made a few New Year’s resolutions related to your health and well-being. This year, the About Faces and Braces Orthodontics team encourages you to add one more to your list: improve your smile! Here are 6 New Year’s resolutions to help you have a healthier smile in 2023:

Brush and Floss Daily

It may seem obvious, but brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste is the most important thing you can do for your smile. Be sure to brush for two minutes, especially in hard-to-reach areas. In addition, flossing helps prevent cavities and gum disease by removing plaque from between teeth and under the gums that brushing alone cannot reach.

Get regular check-ups and cleanings.

Despite your best oral hygiene efforts, there are some things that even the most advanced toothbrush and Waterpik can’t do. Regular check-ups and professional cleanings are essential to maintaining good oral health. They help remove built-up plaque and address any minor issues, preventing more severe issues down the road. Start scheduling your dental exams every six months to get on the path to a healthier smile!

Eat a Balanced Diet

At About Braces and Faces Orthodontics, we know that the holidays are a time for sharing delicious meals (and sweet treats) with your loved ones. While we would never imagine telling you to refrain from your grandmother’s famous caramel pecan pie, we want to remind you that getting back to a whole-food diet is essential to oral health. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and avoiding sugary snacks will help keep your teeth strong and white. In addition, try to limit foods and drinks that stain your teeth, such as coffee, dark chocolate, and red wine.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a serious risk factor for gum disease, bad breath, and stained teeth. If you want to make your smile brighter in the New Year, quitting smoking should be at the top of your list. Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice, our orthodontists here at About Faces and Braces Orthodontics, are always available to provide advice and tips on rebuilding your oral health after quitting.

Consider whitening treatments

If your teeth look dull or discolored, whitening treatments can help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. We offer in-office and at-home whitening treatments to help your teeth reach their brightest and whitest potential.

Consider Orthodontic Treatment

If you’re unhappy with the alignment of your teeth or jaw, About Faces and Braces Orthodontics offers a wide range of orthodontic solutions, from traditional braces to Invisalign. Aside from improving your oral health, orthodontics can also help you improve your facial symmetry, allowing you to walk into 2023 with an extra boost of confidence! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Shawn or Dr. Candice today to find out what treatment would be best for you!

6 New Year's Resolutions for a Healthier SmileStep into 2023 with a smile at About Faces and Braces Orthodontics

This year, we want to help you achieve your smile goals. Follow these 6 New Year’s resolutions for a healthier smile in 2023 and trust Dr. Shawn and Dr. Candice to help you every step of the way! Schedule your appointment today and let About Faces and Braces Orthodontics give you the smile of your dreams.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Happy New Year!